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Changes ~ Still waters run deep

Minna-san, domo~~

It's about time to release something new, ne?

This is a "GakiKame talk" one-shot, written in Risa's POV. There's no perv scene this time, but there will be some interesting and also surprising secrets about Eri's love life revealed.

Have fun reading!


Title: Changes ~ Still waters run deep
Rating: R (since they're talking about sex)
Pairing: TanaKame (Eri/Reina), TakaGaki (Ai/Risa)
NOTE: Sorry for possible grammar/spelling mistakes



The sun shone brightly across the park, causing the water from the fountain to sparkle slightly as the rays of sunlight cutted their way through the liquid. I sighed as I looked at my watch and shook my head. She was already fifteen minutes too late. I wondered if she would ever get rid of her tardiness. Even for rehearsals she's late. It was always the same progress. First she threw open the door, then she tried to catch her breath and lastly she apologized for being late. Also her excuses weren't something new. She overslept, she couldn't find her shirt, she was talking to her mom on the phone or had been into some reading. But the most strangest excuse she came up with was when she told me that she had been forgetting about time, while she stared off into space. A grin pulled on the corners of my lips as I imagined her sitting on the bed, lost in her own little world before she snapped back to reality to find out that she's late. I had to admit that the bad habit of hers was cute sometimes. But for now it annoyed me. I had to tell her something...


I looked into the direction from that the voice that had been calling me was coming and there she came running, waving at me. As she finally reached me, she rested her hands on her knees, trying to catch her breath.

Mou, Kame... you're late again“, I noted, pouting slightly.

Gomen... nasai... I... forgot about... time“, she gasped her apology.

Were you spaced out again?“

No... I...“, she stopped and straightened up herself to look at me.

You what?“


Chotto... was she blushing? Or were her cheeks flushed from all the running? She dodged my gaze and bit her lip. I raised my eyebrows and waited for her answer. She looked at me and a broad grin appeared on her face. Okay, that confused me. First she seemed to be nervous and in the next second, she grinned like a fool. Even though I've known Kame for five years now, she was still a riddle wrapped up in an enigma sometimes. I wonder if it had something to do with...

Well...“, she suddenly said, tearing me out of my thoughts, „shall we go?“

Uh... yeah. Where first?“

I'm starving, so I'd say... let's grab some food.“




We walked down the small path, enjoying our crepes. From the corner of my eye, I noticed Eri fighting with a fractious piece of crepe, sticking on her upper lip. She tried to haul the little piece with her tongue into her mouth, but only managed to shove it up a little bit more. I bit back the laugh that wanted to escape my throat, she looked so dorky and adorable at the same time. Finally she gave up, using her index finger to wipe away the crepe and the cream. The Rokkie looked at me and smiled as she licked her finger clean.

Such a lovely dork.

Ne, Gaki-san.“


Let's sit down on the bench over there.“

Tired already?“

I just want to sit down while I'm eating.“

Okay then... before another crepe incident happens to you“, I snickered and watched her scratch the back of her head in embarrassment.

We sat down next to each other and remained silent. Somehow the silence was killing me, I needed to begin a conversation since I was pretty sure that Kame wouldn't start talking as long as she was busy with eating. I thought about a topic that would also lead to what I've had to tell her. So I had to talk about something that would catch her attention for sure. With that I could finally tell her about the improvement in my relationship.

So... how's it going with Tanakacchi?“

Her lips formed a smile that shone brighter than the sun.

Great“, she answered.

YOSHI! I hitted the bullseye.

I guess your smile says... everything, Kame. Still that happy?“

„Of course I am.“

Tanakacchi seems to treat you very well.“

She does... yesterday I said that I'm craving for some chocolate ice cream. Reina suddenly disappeared and came back with the ice cream.“

She does... everything for you, ne?“

I didn't tell her to do that... she just did it.“

Tanakacchi did it to make you happy.“

I know, I know.“

Now I could take my opportunity. 'To make you happy...' that was my keyword.

Ne, Kame... can I ask you something?“


What about... activities?“

Activities?“ Eri looked at me, finally abstracting away her crepe.

Yeah... you know...“

Oh... we're playing video games very often and...“

Not that stuff, Kame“, I cutted in, getting a confused look from her.

Which one then?“

Well... stuff that... you two are doing when... you're alone.“

Still, the girl didn't seem to understand what I wanted to say. I could read her expression clearly, that said 'I don't get it'. I sighed and played with my fingers as I tried to find the words to explain my actual thoughts. Suddenly Kame's eyes widened, her mouth agape.

WAKATA“, Eri suddenly blurted out, clapping her hands before she pointed at me. It was so obvious that she was Reina's girlfriend. „You could've just told me straight away that you've meant 'stuff' in the sexua--“

KAME, SHHH...“ I quickly covered her mouth with my hand, „not so loud, we're in public...“

She nodded and I released her.

So... why do you want to know anyways?“

Uhm... just... curious...“

Curious? Mou, Gaki-san... you know that your question is way too personal,“ she said with a grin.

I knew that too and I already felt sorry for breaking into the... juicy part of her private life, but I needed to ask her because I wanted to tell her about what happened between Ai-chan and me. As Kame didn't say anything else I took a deep breath when I finally found the courage to speak it out.

Ne, Kame... Ai-chan... let me...“


Well... she let me... do something...“

And that's what?“

Sheallowedmetopleasureherwithmytongue“, I babbled.

Eh? Chotto, Gaki-san... hayai...“

She... allowed me to pleasure her with my tongue...“, I repeated quietly, feeling my face heating up as I blushed.

Ah, sou ka... it's a great feeling, ne?“

Sou... it's a really great...“, I paused and thought about her answer, „CHOTTO!! KAME, HOW DO YOU KNOW?“

The girl that sat next to me shrugged and ripped a little piece off of the crepe, popping it into her mouth and chewed slowly.

Reina's into it lately.“


Chotto, chotto, chotto... Did she just really say that... Tanakacchi is into that... kind of stuff lately? Didn't she say that my question before was too personal and now she says things like that?! Maybe she had been half joking, that would explain that grin she flashed me. I couldn't help it but with Kame speaking so honestly, I grew even more curious... REALLY curious. I decided to give it a shot, so I went on where we stopped.

So... that means...“

She's doing that very often...“


Pleasuring me with her tongue, baka“, the Rokkie said, finishing off the rest of the food.

I was slightly surprised about Kame talking about that kind of thing so freely and without any hesitation. Usually she was extremely shy... well, the last time we dropped to that topic she blushed so brightly that she could've competed against a traffic light easily. She surely had won that competition of 'who shines in the brightest red'. Also the fact that she allowed Tanakacchi to do that kind of action was... surprising me.

And you... let her?“, I asked, my mouth agape.

Of course... why shouldn't I?“

Well... I thought you... were extremely shy when it comes to things like that...“

As long as it's Reina... and also... I really like it when she does that...“

And what about you, Kame? Was Reina... okay with that, when you...“

She wasn't hesitating... she gave me access immediately.“

Okay, okay... hold on. This... is so much information. I had to process everything my friend had said just now. Somehow an image of Kame and Tanakacchi flashed into my mind, causing me to blush. Damn, Risa what the hell are you thinking? I shook my head vigorously to get rid of those images.

You two are... unbelieveable...“, I sighed as the image of my two kouhai's slowly subsided.

A moment of silence emerged between Kame and me... an awkward silence that was luckily broken by Kame soon.

It's the adventure Gaki-san...“


The urge to try out something new, to cause the fire of passion raging even more.“

I... I see...“

Damn, Kame and Tanakacchi are beating Ai and me in almost everything. Out of us four, those two had been the first who confessed their feelings to each other. They had their first time before Ai-chan and me and now... they had already taken the next step to put the... sexual part of their relationship to a higher level. Okay, I had thought about taking my relationship with Ai-chan to another level too, but I was afraid that she would hate me for that. I looked at my friend who was staring into the sea of flowers, completely lost in thoughts. She probably thought about her girlfriend.

You really changed, Kame“, I noted with a smile on my lips.

The girl turned her head so that she was able to look at me and gave me a questioning look. Geez, she really lived up to her name sometimes.

I remember that you were shy and quiet when you first joined and now... the same person who had been like this back in 2003 is talking to me about her... private life and tells me that she let her girlfriend be... active with... uh... her tongue...“

It's the feeling...“

What kind of feeling?“

The feeling that I get when I'm with Reina...“

Sou ka... and how do you feel?“

Now it was getting even more interesting. Oh god, Risa... when did you become that curious? Shame on you, if Ai-chan knew about that... she'd probably say that I'm insane. The image of Ai-chan glaring at me flashed into my mind, causing me to shiver. Kame's voice pulled me back to reality.

I feel... safe and secure, like there's nothing that could tear me down. She's the one I can rely on, my support. When I'm with Reina, everything feels just so right... it doesn't matter if it's a loving gaze, a gentle kiss or a touch that is burning with desire... I know that I can trust her blindly and that she would never do something that would hurt me or forcing me to do something I don't want to.“

As I watched my kouhai talking about her girlfriend, I realized that her expression changed into a dreamy one and her voice sounded even more gentle than it already was. I could tell that this girl was head over heels in love.

You're so in love, Kame. You should see yourself when you're talking about her.“


I giggled and laid a hand onto her shoulder, as I noticed her blushing.

Your eyes... they're sparkling. And your smile... it's not one of those you've got during the photoshoots or something... it's the smile that is just for Tanakacchi.“

Kame blushed even more and covered her face with her hands. I really had to admit that she was extremely cute when she was embarrassed. I was pretty sure that Tanakacchi liked that cuteness of hers too. With that thought another question burned on my lips.

Say... does your heart beat still quicken when you see her?“

Not only when I see her...“, the girl replied, a small grin appeared on her face.

Sou ka...“

What about you?“

Kame, I don't like Reina in that way, you should kn---“

Gaki-san... I meant Ai-chan.“

Oh... uhm... of course it does...“, I said slightly embarrassed about my misinterpretation, that also brought back a memory, „I can't believe that Ai-chan thought Reina and me were a couple.“

Sou... I remember that. She was furious about it.“

Demo... it was helpful somehow. She finally listened to me, when I told her that I love her... and sharing our first close body contact.“

Gaki-sa~n“, Kame giggled and slapped me lightly across my arm.

Once again we grew silent, watching the flowers dance in the gentle breeze that blew across their colorful heads.



Does Tanakacchi has a habit... that is always showing while you two are... well... you know...“

Oh, Gaki-san... you're still afraid to name it“, the girl snickered, nudging me with her elbow and I cleared my throat.

I'm not...“

You are, stop denying it.“

Anyways... is there a habit?“

Actually... yes there is one.“

Tell me about it.“

You're... really curious.“

I'm sorry...“

The other girl looked at me and tilted her head. What's up with that look in her eyes? It seemed like she was scanning my mind to analyze my thoughts. She leaned forward and gazed at me. I gulped as I discovered something sharp in those two dark brown eyes of hers.

Somehow I start to believe that... you're comparing your relationship to mine.“


Damn... how did she know? Since we've started that... rather hot topic I got more and more jealous about how far my kouhai's had been going with their relationship already. Ai-chan and me were far behind them. I was sure that my love life wasn't as much as fulfilled as Kame's. From what I knew, those two could hardly keep their hands off of each other.

Don't change the topic,“ I noted, hoping she would forget about the whole relationship-comparing-thing and also to get an answer to my question. It seemed to work, since she leaned back and took a deep breath.

Well... Reina's habit is... she's scratching when she's lost in pleasure.“


Yeah... mite.“

Kame turned her back towards me and after she was sure that no one was watching, she pulled up the shirt to reveal her back. I gasped as my eyes wandered over the red and partly deep scratches that covered her back and bladebones.

Geez, Kame... doesn't it hurt?“

Not in that moment... afterwards...“, she paused for a moment, „actually... it adds a suprisingly pleasuring side effect on the amorous play... it increases the lust even more...“

My jaw dropped down at her last sentence. Pleasuring side effect? Increasing the lust? Kame, what are you talking about? Is that really you? I couldn't believe that she just had said that. I've never thought that Kame could be... into that type of thing, not to mention the fact that she talked about... lust.

And what's that?“ I wanted to know, tracing the tip of my index finger across a pale white line that was just beneath her left bladebone.

Oh... she... already left some scars“, Kame whispered, just loud enough for me to hear.

You REALLY changed.“

Once again I examined those painful souvenirs that were the result of Tanakacchi's passion mode as something caught my attention. Some of the scratches were still bleeding slightly. My eyes wandered up onto her shirt and suddenly it hitted me out of nowhere as I discovered blood on the inside of her shirt.

CHOTTO“, I blurted out, causing her to jump in shock as she pulled down her shirt, „those scratches... look like they occured recently.“

Kame blushed and turned her head away, pretending to be focused on the trees. She nervously twiddled with her fingers and played with the hem of her shirt. So I was right with my suspicion, the way she acted made it so obvious.



Tell me... when was the last time you've been... acting out your desires with Tanakacchi?“


ANSWER“, I exclaimed playfully, grabbing her by the shoulders but let go of them quickly as she hissed in pain. Oh right... the scratches.

Two... hours ago...“, she murmured, lowering her head in embarrassment.

You two... you really can't keep your hands off of each other, ne?“

Not... really...“


Could you resist Ai-chan if she's straddling you, holding your hands above your head with an extremely seductive smile on her lips and her body moving against yo---“


I fluttered my arms around wildly, I don't wanted to imagine her and Reina in a situation like this and also... I don't wanted to feel turned on if I imagined exactly the same situation with Ai-chan... or... did I actually want that? I could feel my cheeks burning with heat as a blush crept into them.



My mind was reeling as we walked back to the hotel. Not only because the image of Ai-chan and me that still flashed into my mind... also because of the surprising revelations Kame had made. I've always thought that she was innocent and shy in that kind of topic. But she convinced me that the opposite was true. I admit... somehow I was slightly jealous about her fulfilled sex life.

The urge to try out something new.

This sentence echoed in my ears as I watched Kame running into Tanakacchi's waiting arms. The two of them shared a kiss and all I could do was shake my head, laughing quietly. I sighed and passed them by before I could hear Kame calling after me. I turned around and looked at her.

Thanks for the day, Gaki-san“, she said with a smile on her lips.

Anytime“, I replied while I stared at the couple's hands, that locked together so perfectly.

I looked after them as they walked up the stairs to their hotel room, already lost in their own little world. I had hunch what they would do after they locked theirselves up in their room. My imagination was running wild, caused by all the dirty little secrets Kame revealed to me while we talked. One thing was for sure... I'd never look at her the same way again as I did before.

My cellphone tore me out of my thoughts as it started to ring. I guess I've never been so happy about someone calling me, it distracted me from those dirty thoughts I had in my head. I looked at the display and my heart beat quickened as I read

Takahashi Ai calling.

Well... maybe I'll try out something new too... after all they say...

Still waters run deep.

I believe Kame is the best example for that.

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