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Happy Belated B-day, Big Sister~~

This fic is a birthday present for my Nee-chan aka big sister. I was talking about this pairing and she wanted a perv to come out of it so viola, we have fic time!!! Please excuse any errors~ (Nee-chan is my beta and I didn't want her to read it before it was done!)

Title: Her Touch
Pairing: FujiGaki (Fujimoto Miki/Niigaki Risa), mention of TakaGaki kataomoi (one-sided love)
Rating: NC-17
Note: This did NOT turn out the way I first anticipated. It's a lot more emotional and nice than it's original dirty/naughty idea. But I think it's better this way b/c it actually kind of has a plot. lol

My fingers close around the door handle of the Up Front building, ready to head home for some much needed rest. I reach up with my other hand to grip the plushy cotton of my towel but I get nothing but a handful of air. “Eh?”, I murmur, looking down. Sure enough, my green and white striped towel isn’t in its proper place around my neck. “Must have dropped it”, I say to myself, spinning on my heel and heading back towards the practice room.


The halls are empty, telling me I’m probably the last Morning Musume girl to leave. I don’t know who else is working today so as far as I know, I’m alone here. Sighing, I imagine that Ai-chan is with me, linking hands with her and chatting about everything and nothing. We haven’t spent that kind of quality time together in a while. She’s really taken her leader status to heart and is always working, whether it be to improve herself or help any of our other members.


I guess I should be happy with the fact that she’s such a good leader but selfishness causes me to want her for myself.


My sneakers squeak across the polished wood floor of our dance studio as I walk to the bench where my bag had previously resided. A quick search around proves that it’s not there either. “Hmm, where did it go?”, I think out loud, sitting down and trying to recall where else I could have possibly lost it.


“Looking for this?”, an unmistakable voice calls out, startling me.


“Mikitty, hi”, I greet my former group mate and point at the cloth in her hand, “And yes, that is exactly what I was looking for” I make my way over to her, asking, “So how have you been?” “Oh, same old, same old”, she grins that familiar grin. Somehow, I feel as if nothing has changed.


But as I reach for my now found towel, she pulls her hand away. “C’mon, give it back”, I smile, though somewhere in my gut, I feel that this is not going to be easy. “Not until you do something for me”, she replies as she effortlessly glides away from my attempts to grab at her hands. Stopping my futile efforts, I eye her suspiciously and question, “What did you have in mind?” She stares for a moment, seeming to forget her words, but I soon realize she is looking at me with that animalistic expression.


The one she always had when we used to….


“Uso, no way”, I gasp, unconsciously crossing my arms protectively over my body. She couldn’t possibly think I was going to do those things with her. “I see you know what I seek”, she smirks, “What do you say, just for old times’ sake” I shake my head furiously as I begin to back up away from her. “No?”, she teases, “You do want your towel back, don’t you?” My rational mind tells me to forget the damn towel and just get out but my feet won’t move and before I know it, I’m answering, “Fine, what time should I come over?”


A tiny laugh escapes her lips and she tells me, “We aren’t going back to my place” “You’re not suggesting….”, I choke out, “…that we do it here, are you?” The discarding of my towel on the bench and the kiss she pulls me into are enough of an answer.


My initial reaction is to push her away and flee but the second her lips touch mine, I’m shoved into the memories of how nice it feels. So instead of ridding myself of her, I foolishly welcome it, wrapping my arms around her neck protectively.


“We shouldn’t be doing this”, I mumble, even though I know she isn’t listening. A moan follows my empty comment because she licks the sensitive spot on my neck. She presses my track jacket-clothed back against the cold mirror with her hands braced on my hips. “You used to say that every time”, she drawls into my flushed ear, “But we did it anyway and the world hasn’t ended.”


She’s right, of course.

But I won’t give her the satisfaction of telling her that.


She kisses me on the lips passionately, abruptly stopping my racing thoughts. “Relax, Mame-chan”, she snickers and cups my face softly. Her lips say teasing words but her touch conveys a different message. They are full of sincerity, like they always were. Her hands are as gentle as they used to be too, stroking my cheeks with affection.


“I can give you what Ai-chan won’t”, she whispers and her nimble fingers unzip my sweatshirt slowly. It lands with a light bang from the zipper hitting the wooden floor. My chest tightens at her comment, knowing that it’s true. She cradles me, moving my back from the wall to the floor. My hips are straddled, pressing our bodies even closer together. Her lightly tanned skin, fresh from a trip to her hometown, brushes against mine and sends chills of anticipation down my body.


“Touch me….”, I whisper, closing my eyes and giving myself to her.


Sliding up my T-shirt, she grabs my breasts and kneads them softly. I softly moan when she nibbles my naked earlobe. I can feel my sports bra being pushed up over my womanly curves and coming to a stop just over them. The gray elastic fabric feels tight but it becomes a passing thought as she clutches my chest and squishes them around with her fingers.


“Still warm and soft, Mame-chan”, she mumbles before taking my left nipple into her mouth. I gasp quietly from the slight shock of the warmth but my hands are soon pressing her harder into my body. “You can’t tell me you don’t miss this”, she tells me before responding to the pressure and sucking heartily.


I moan huskily when a sloppy trail is drawn from one breast to the other, where the right one is treated just like the left. My back seems to automatically arch towards her mouth, wanting her to suck harder. She complies with my silent plea while rolling off my waist and attempting to slide my pants down. It takes her a few tries but eventually, my red and white Adidas track pants are around my knees. As she licks, sucks and kisses her way down my stomach, one slender finger makes its way into my panties.


“Mmm”, I groan at the feeling of her stroking me softly. “So wet”, she coos into my right thigh, the vibrations of her speech going straight to another place. She slides up and down the sensitive skin between my lower lips, coating her finger in my excitement.


Her other hand, the one not already busy, grips the waistband of my panties. They are dragged down my legs and come to rest just above my pants. Though the room is comfortably warm, I can still feel the air on my private area. “Just letting you know”, she begins, “Ai-chan would never do this” My eyes start to sting at the harsh reality she presents. But I know she’s completely right, much to my own dismay.


“I…know”, I reply softly, “She wouldn’t” She slides back up to my face and kisses me again. “But I will because I know it’s what you want”, she says tenderly, “What you deserve”


With those words, more memories resurface. How she cared for me when I discovered that Ai-chan would never love me in the way that I love her. Something as simple as a pat on the shoulder would bring me the tiniest bit of reassurance. Her touch reminded me that there was always someone who would love me.


She slips a hand down my front and cups my dripping mound. “I love you”, she whispers and pushes two fingers inside. I sigh and moan quietly, moving my hips with her thrusts. Sweat drips down my forehead, making me feel like I had just an hour before. I try to spread my legs wider but that plan is foiled by the clothing around my knees. The pressure inside me piles up higher and higher as noises leave my lips.


Finally, she pushes as far as she can, sending me over the edge into pleasure.




My eyes close tightly and my body goes rigid still. “Ahhh”, I exhale as I regain consciousness, feeling her pull me into her arms. “Feel better, Mame-chan?”, she grins as she brushes my sweaty bangs away from my eyes. As I nod, I snuggle closer to her and cling to her jacket like a koala.


Her touch makes me feel safe, loved, and protected.


All I can ask for.

I like this pairing~
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