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My favorite pairing~~

Hello, community~ Haha, I bring you a fic. *grins*

Title: Their First Time: TakaGaki Version
Pairing: TAKAGAKI!!! (need I say more?)
Rating: NC-17 (yup)

Our first time was unexpected….playful….perfect.


We had just come home from our third date since we had officially become a couple. A rather well-planned trip to the amusement park, followed by a nice dinner had been our agenda for the evening. “That was fun!”, Ai-chan grinned as she plopped onto the couch. “Yeah, aren’t you glad I picked the place this time?”, I teased, making my way over and cuddling into her side.


She totally ignored my question and instead, rolled around to face me and pulled our bodies together. I could feel her hands on my butt, as I leaned up to kiss her. Our lips met with a soft bump, her tongue shoving into my mouth quickly.


Her hands began kneading my bottom gently and I stiffened up, more than surprised at the sensation. Ai-chan never touched me like this before. It was nice…new but nice. Soon the hands stopped their work and instead just cradled my butt. My arms traveled up and around her neck as I pulled myself even closer to the girl I loved so much.


In a flurry of seconds, I found myself straddling her hips, several of our sensitive parts pressed against each other. I blushed darkly (Thank God her eyes were closed), all too aware of the reactions occurring in my pants.


She was turning me on.


Our kiss was finally broken as both of us gasped for the air that our bodies were straining for. “Wow”, was all I could say. “Wow, indeed”, she agreed, our eyes meeting in a shy yet wanting gaze.


“This couch is kinda small”, I commented, acknowledging the fact that we were on top of each other, even though more than half of the soft piece of furniture was untouched. I prayed that she would catch my hidden meaning and move us to the bedroom, but the chances were kinda slim. Don’t get me wrong, I love Ai-chan so much but after all these years, she’s still the same girl who is constantly in her own world.


Surprising me for the second time tonight, she wrapped her arms around my hips and lifted me up. Curling my legs around her, I laid my head on her shoulder and planted tiny butterfly kisses on her exposed neck. “I love you”, I mumbled, writing the same thing with my tongue. “I love you too”, she said, stroking my waist as best she could while supporting my weight.


Once we made it to the soft, comforting bed, she lay me down gently, making sure my neck didn’t jerk dangerously. Then climbing on top of me, she glued her lips back onto mine. I moaned into the kiss, feeling more in love with this beautiful creature than ever before. Hands wandered under my shirt and ran along my stomach. Stifling giggles, I choked out, “St-stop, it t-t-tickles” She grinned widely and tortured me a little longer, dragging her short nails lightly across my skin. “Ai-chan, please”, I whined, laughing simultaneously with another waltz in session on my body. “Ok, ok”, she finally complied.


But instead of removing her hands, she slid them upwards, coming to rest on my bra. Grasping the flesh, Ai massaged my breasts softly. My nipples hardened immediately and expanded almost painfully under my bra. Pressing my head against the pillow, I murmured, “Take it off” She chuckled, slid her hands around my flushed back and unclasped the item that was really just in the way. My breasts fell out of the cups lightly and she wasted no time in holding them lovingly. Just a few seconds of admiration and then her lips were caressing them, nibbling and suckling.


“Ai-chan”, I moaned huskily, shocking myself with the lusty tone. Who knew that I, rather shy and occasionally timid, could sound like that? Even my girlfriend lifted her head to stare at my blushing face in disbelief. “We haven’t even gotten to the good part”, she fake-pouted but dutifully went back to work on my chest.


Though she was right in the sense that we weren’t at said “good part”, the stickiness in my panties said otherwise.


While her mouth was occupied with my chest, her wandering hands were busy with my jeans. She unfastened them quickly, eased them down my legs and held my hips possessively. Ai-chan’s mouth licked a trail back up to my face, capturing my lips in a gentler manner. “Are you sure you want to do this?”, she asked once we stopped for air.


Without a second thought, I replied, “I’m ready if you are, but you have to get naked first”


She gave me a look of amusement and sat up. Within seconds, she was as bare as me. She slipped her left hand down and cupped my heat in an almost nervous manner. I could feel her fingertips dragging up and down the wet fabric. Just that simple touch was sending pleasure through me. “Wow, you’re really wet, huh?”, she smirked as any apprehension disappeared along with my panties.


“Don’t say things like that”, I mumbled, just a little embarrassed at anyone besides myself looking at that place. I was blushing again, under her gaze. “Why, is it turning you on?”, Ai-chan  asked in a teasing tone. Without trying to defend myself, I simply waited for the attention I knew she wanted to give me.


I felt her lower one finger onto the dripping folds between my legs. “Ohhh”, I gasped as a feeling better than anything in the world overtook my body. She parted my sticky lips and stroked the sensitive flesh between them. “…Feels good…ah!!!”, I was content for a moment but when she circled my swollen clit, I cried out. “Haha, gotcha”, she chuckled and continued to touch it, only softer.


The more she touched, the more pressure built up. I was sweating like mad under her curiously skillful hands. But I wouldn’t ruin the moment by asking, I’m not stupid. Moaning as she increased the speed at which her finger was moving, I arched my back, wanting her to go in. “Please”, I begged her. She smiled warmly at me, that little crease above her lips making an appearance. Her finger stopped and instead, moved lower and teased my opening. It slid in effortlessly, thanks to all the lubrication our foreplay had created. I cried out as she stuck another in and began pumping.


In my mind, I took back what I had said before. THIS was the best feeling in the world. The heat produced by this new touch was tremendous, I could feel the change in temperature across my already burning skin. She slid in and out faster and pressed her lips against mine. Muffling my cries, she stroked my tongue with hers and kept the pace of her fingers.


Within a few moments, she broke our kiss and I broke as well. A shocking heat spread throughout my body from my head to my toes. I scrunched my eyes shut and my lips opened to let out a final moan, “Ahh”


I came back to consciousness to find Ai staring at me with a smile, her brow slightly furrowed with concern. “You ok, babe?”, she asked as she wrapped her arms around me and kissed my neck. “Y-yeah”, I stuttered, “But there is one thing….” Her eyes met mine with a questioning look.


“It’s my turn”


She grinned, replying, “Yes please” She rolled over so she was flat on her back, naked body exposed to my eyes. I couldn’t help but ogle her svelte figure. I had never seen such a tight and muscular, yet feminine body. Sure, I’ve seen Ai-chan naked, but never like this. I wanted to touch her everywhere, yet I also wanted to just admire her at the same time.


But judging by her clearing her throat at me, she was rooting for the former.


I carefully placed my hands on her breasts and held them. They felt so heavy but so warm and soft at the same time. I could barely contain one in each hand, the flesh spilling out a bit as I began to massage them. “Mmm, just like that”, she groaned, closing her eyes from the passion. It felt good to make her say things like that.


I played with her ample chest a little more, fingers flicking over her hardened nubs. She let out a strange squeak when I experimentally pinched one. Finding that extremely rewarding, I continued to squeeze them hard, but not too hard.


While it was fun to play with the kind of chest I didn’t have, the real place I could give her pleasure was a little lower. I let my right hand slide down her silky skin and held her hip. I rubbed softly, moving closer to her center with each stroke.


Once I reached her swollen lower lips, I touched them briefly before moving my hand away and looking up at her. She had her eyes closed in pleasure so I went back to caressing them gently. My hand slid over them effortlessly, thanks to the generous amount of arousal upon them.


I parted her folds a bit and found her excited clit. I took a chance and held it between my fingers. “Ohh”, she groaned, arching her hips up towards my hand. She wanted me to go in. Letting go as I moved down a bit, I easily found her entrance, overflowing with pleasure.


“I love you”, I whispered, planting a kiss on her flat stomach as I sunk two fingers in. Her walls pulsed around me and I pulled back a bit before pushing back into her. “Yessss”, she hissed, thrusting her body into my hand roughly. We kept going until she climaxed with a loud sigh. I withdrew my fingers and slid up her sweaty body to meet her with a kiss.


“Risa, I love you”, she panted, “You are the best thing to ever happen to me” My heart swelled with affection for her and I kissed her again. “I love you too”, I murmured into her lips. We parted with a light sucking noise and she told me, “Turn around” I rolled my body over so that my back was facing her.


She wrapped her arms around my stomach and pulled me closer until we were spooning, curves fitting into curves just right. Like naked puzzle pieces, we filled the empty air between us with flushed skin. She reached down and pulled the covers over us protectively.


We fell asleep just like that, her lips whispering sweet nothings in my ear and my body pressed against hers.

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