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I bring you crack pairing, and secks.

Hi, I'm new here lol.
I got the idea for Aibon/Yossie for some reason, so I decided to write it. I haven't written fanfiction on a regular basis in years, so it's going to be a little confusing, but hopefully hot, rofl.
I don't think this pairing has been done before, but i like it.
If you know me over at jphip, you'll know how much I put myself down. ;)

Rating: R
Pairing: Kago Ai/Yoshizawa Hitomi
Warning: There's something seriously wrong with me. Also extremely OOC, but this is fanfiction after all, Aibon is based more on how I see her now instead of the cute kid she used to be, yeah.. ^^;
I suppose this has something to do with a lesbian club, something like that.

Once again, it looked like Yossie was right. Aibon hated it when Yossie was right, she always did.

Warmth pooled between her legs and she could feel wetness in her panties, thanks to Yossie teasing her just a moment earlier. She was a little drunk, too, after a few drinks.

But, against her better judgment and the voice inside screaming for her to just leave, she got up and went to find Yossie, pushing through the crowd of horny women, herself being one of them.

On the other side of the crowd, there were more chairs, and she finally came across a very smug looking Yossie.

"So, do you need something?"

Aibon just looked at her and blinked.


"Shut up." She walked closer, and straddled Yossie's hips.

"Oh, I'm not like the other people here, if you want to do this we need to go somewhere a little more private, you know?"

"No...I'm not doing that with...with you...okay?" Aibon's words were slurred, she was pretty much piss drunk now.

"Then why are you sitting on me like that?"

"I don't know." Ai started to get up, but then.

Yossie slipped her hand in between the two of them, under Aibon's dress, between her legs, and lightly stroked...

"You look pretty tonight, Kago-chan."

Aibon couldn't even make words right now, or breathe, or do anything else.

She pushed Ai's wet panties to the side, slowly, teasingly, circling a finger around her clit.

She bit her lip, and finally said something.

"Fuck you, Hitomi."

Yossie smirked, "If that's what you wish." She shoved a finger inside of Aibon's soaking wet entrance, her eyes widened and she bit her lip harder.

"Go to hell."

Yossie removed her finger. "Well if you don't want it..." Ai squirmed on top of her, as if some attempt to keep her there.


"Fuck me. I've always wanted you to, I admit it." Aibon's voice was husky, and this was a side of her that nobody, especially Yossie, had ever seen before. "I know you want it too."

"It's about time you've stopped denying it." Yossie said, as if it had always been obvious, even before, and she shoved two of her fingers inside of Aibon, her thumb rubbing her clit.

Ai arched her back, then leaned forward and moaned loudly into Yossie's ear, not really caring at the moment if anyone heard them or noticed them.

"You're drunk, Kago-chan." Hitomi giggled quietly and pulled her fingers out and thrust them back in, and continued repeating this, hitting a spot deep inside of Ai, her thumb still on her clit, rubbing in a circular motion.

Aibon ignored her, she moaned again and clinched the muscles inside of her around Hitomi's fingers involuntarily as they continued going in and out of her, and suddenly, they were removed.

"Why'd you stop?" Ai looked at her, her face red and hot.

Hitomi held her fingers up, wetness dripping down into her hand, "Look at the mess you made, Kago-chan. This is just on my fingers, too." She held her fingers to her mouth, licking Aibon's juices from them.

"There's even more down there, I'll have to clean it up for you." She ran her tongue across her top lip in a suggestive motion, and Ai shuddered, "But I can't do that here, of course."

Hitomi squirmed out from under Ai, and led her to a private room in the back. She locked the door behind her, and pushed Ai onto the couch, and slowly lowered herself until her face was between Aibon's legs.

"I couldn't see out there, either." She said, putting her hands under Ai's dress and grasped the waistband of her panties, pulling them down her legs, off of her, her face still between her legs.

"I must be good at this. You're still dripping wet." Yossie smirked, and lightly rubbed Aibon's clit while she squirmed and moaned quietly. "I have a lot to clean up now, don't I?" She leaned down and lightly ran her tongue up and down Ai's slit, coating her tongue with the younger girl's warm juices, she put her mouth completely over it and sucked and slurped and Ai moaned uncontrollably and her face was even more red and beads of sweat began forming on her forehead and she held Hitomi's head between her legs, a hand through her hair, and Yossie's fingers were there again, inside of her, but her mouth was still there too, sucking on her clit, and it felt amazing.

Ai screamed as she came.

Yossie removed her fingers, stood up, and looked at Ai. She began to laugh uncontrollably.

"What's so funny?" Ai asked, panting.

"You're not drunk, you're gay." Yossie giggled more.

Ai blinked, confused.

"They don't serve alcohol here, Kago-chan."

tee hee.

Tags: nc-17, r
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