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Wow it's been so long since I posted here, I almost forget how. So, let's see...

Title: Pieces of You (Perv Edition)
Author: Me
Rating: NC-17
Pairing: TanaGaki (Rise/Reina duh)
Summary: It's just a little sex and maybe something more...

Soft moans filled Risa's room as the two girl's on the bed struggled for dominance. Risa's shaking hands fumbled with Reina's shirt, failing to lift it over her torso. Her knuckles dragged gently along the younger girl's belly, sending shivers up her spine, and Reina hastily stripped off her top, tossing it behind her. Risa ran her trembling hands reverently up Reina's sides, forgetting her earlier heartbreak and becoming absorbed in the magnificent body of the girl straddling her hips.

Her hands finally becoming controlled, Risa reached up and unclasped Reina's bra, discarding it quickly, and felt her breath catch when the younger girl thrust her chest out, begging to be touched. Risa obliged her, pinching her nipples and causing her to throw her head back with a gasp. The older girl stroked Reina's breasts gently, eliciting a moan and a shiver, before moving her hands down to unbutton her shorts.

Reina had to pull back, sitting on the bed instead of Risa, to take off her shorts and Risa took the opportunity to strip her own clothes off, pausing when she reached her underwear. The two shared a shy look and reached out to rid each other of the last bit of cloth that kept them from baring everything. Once they were completely naked, Risa took a moment to study her lover, taking in the alabaster skin, dark petite nipples, neatly trimmed pubic hair, and finally her shining pink pussy.

Reina blushed at the scrutiny, "Stop looking at me like that." She crossed her arms over her chest and closed her thighs tightly together. Risa immediately tried to coax her to open up again.

"Don't hide." Risa gently stroked the younger girl's knees, "You're so beautiful, I want to see everything." Reina's legs slowly parted and Risa scissored themselves together, not quite touching their most intimate parts against each other.

Risa laid a hand to Reina's cheek, caressing her gently, and the younger girl leaned in to claim her lips, just as Risa used her other hand to pull Reina's hips towards her and their other lips met in another kiss. Both moaned and Reina wrapped her arms around her lover, pressing their fronts together and relishing the warmth of soft flesh against soft flesh. They ground against each other gently, at first, their juices mixing and breath panting.

Risa pulled away a little, looking down at where their bodies touched, Reina naturally following her gaze took in the sight too, blushing brightly. Just watching their pussies grinding together seemed to make them hotter and wetter and heightened the pleasure all over again. Risa's nails dug into Reina's back and their chests pressed together again, Reina attaching her lips to her lover's throat.

Their cries and moans filled the small bedroom and their grinding became more frantic until Risa yelled out in release, clawing harshly and throwing her head back. The pain of the older girl's nails breaking skin sent Reina into her own spiral of pleasure and she came hard. The two shuddered and panted, clutching each other tightly, before finally collapsing onto their sides.

As soon as she had caught her breath back, Reina kissed Risa gently, "I love you." she whispered sweetly and Risa was brought to tears at the sincerity in her voice. The younger girl kissed the salty trails away before pulling the blanket over the two of them, and they fell asleep wrapped comfortably in each others' arms.
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