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&my dreams will ice over;

first post.

Name: Cyndi
Age: 17
Location: New York
Favorite H!P member: Tanaka Reina
Ships: Reina x Risa, Reina x JunJun, Reina x Sayumi, JunJun x Sayumi
Anything else?: I dunno :D HI.

This was my first EVER yuri fic from a while back..(I edited the line about Risa's hair now though, since she cut it. ;A; ) and it's smut so... I'm sorry if it sucks. xD I just dug it up today, and decided to post it here.

Title: What Happens Behind Closed Doors
Pairing: TanaGaki (Reina x Risa)
Genre: Smut. Pure smut.
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: .. It's smut..so.. sex. Lesbian sex. Assault? xD

Reina entered the dressing room and heard the door slam shut behind her, the lock clicking. )
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