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Femslash roleplay!

 First post!

Name: colorsofromance
Age: 19
Favorite H!P member: probably Eri Kamei
Ships: anything really, I love slash!
Anything else?: Mods, sorry if this ad isn't allowed here. Feel free to take it down if it's not!

I've been wanting to do a one on one j-pop female slash roleplay. I would LOVE to play Ayumi Hamasaki. The other person could be anybody, I'm very flexible with pairings. I'm open to Ayu being paired with any j-pop star or even any k-pop/c-pop star if that is what you fancy.

If anybody interested isn't quite sure what roleplaying is or would like a more detailed explanation I would be happy to provide that. Basically one person writes one character's actions/perspective, and the other person writes the other character's actions and perspective and it makes up a story.

As for more on me roleplaying: my role-plays are mature, characters are fleshed out, I loved brainstorming plots, I love longer replies (no one-liners or couple-liners!), and I like a lot of genres in my rolpelays. Drama, romance, horror, action, humor, angst, mystery, crime, you name it. I like to treat my roleplay like an epic saga.

I only roleplay over e-mail but I can chat/plan stuff over IM. If you're interested feel free to comment here or PM me! Thanks!
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