Femslash roleplay!

 First post!

Name: colorsofromance
Age: 19
Favorite H!P member: probably Eri Kamei
Ships: anything really, I love slash!
Anything else?: Mods, sorry if this ad isn't allowed here. Feel free to take it down if it's not!

I've been wanting to do a one on one j-pop female slash roleplay. I would LOVE to play Ayumi Hamasaki. The other person could be anybody, I'm very flexible with pairings. I'm open to Ayu being paired with any j-pop star or even any k-pop/c-pop star if that is what you fancy.

If anybody interested isn't quite sure what roleplaying is or would like a more detailed explanation I would be happy to provide that. Basically one person writes one character's actions/perspective, and the other person writes the other character's actions and perspective and it makes up a story.

As for more on me roleplaying: my role-plays are mature, characters are fleshed out, I loved brainstorming plots, I love longer replies (no one-liners or couple-liners!), and I like a lot of genres in my rolpelays. Drama, romance, horror, action, humor, angst, mystery, crime, you name it. I like to treat my roleplay like an epic saga.

I only roleplay over e-mail but I can chat/plan stuff over IM. If you're interested feel free to comment here or PM me! Thanks!
Panic Train

fic: Rules (Yuko-centric)

Title: Rules
Pairings: Yuko/Kei; Yuko/Yossie; Yuko/Mako; Yossy/Mako; Yuko/Mittsi; one-sided Mittsi/Yossy (and implied Yuko/most of the older girls)
Rating: I'm bad at this part, but let's call it PG-13.
Word Count: 779
Disclaimer: These are real people who have never, ever done anything like this ever, okay?

Link: Even though she considers them silly and arbitrary at times, Yuko has set rules for herself to follow and she takes them seriously.

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drabble request - this comm needs more love

Maybe you guys would like to help me get into the writing mood? XD I want to write some more but I don't really know what to write about and I found this cool little meme thing so I'm taking drabble requests at my journal here.

I have to warn you, I am in an angsty mood. XD So if anyone wants a little drabble please request one and I will do my best. I'll write any pairing.

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Name: Vickitty
Nick: Reinya 
Location: THE END OF DA WORLD, I mean, Argentina.

Favorite H!P Member: TAKAHASHI AI. Hitomi Yoshizawa, Niigaki Risa, Ai Kago, Miyabi Natsuyaki and Maimi Yajima.
Pairings: TAKAGAKI. TanaKame, IshiYoshi, AiSayu, ReinAi, KameShige, YajiUme, MiyaRii.
Anything else?: My english sucks TAT So it's hard for me to translate my fics >.< (plus: they suck :D) Oh and, I have a blog of fics in spanish, so I'll ask you if you let me translate a few *-*... Thanks! ♥
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My introduction!

Name: Moon_in_love
Age: Enough, I think.
Location: Land of reindeers and alcohol.

Favorite H!P member: Junjun, Linlin, Mari, Kaori, Miki, Rika, Sayumi, Ai, Eri, Yurina and Risa.

Ships: Kanon S. x everybody else, TakaGaki, TakaKame, AiKoha, KohaEri, KohaYossie, KohaMiki, KohaJun, KohaLin, AiLin, SayuKoha, SayuJun, SayuLin, JunLin, JunAika, KameMitsu, GakiMitsu, TakaMitsu, TanaKame, ReiLin, CharMikitty, GAM, IshiYoshi, YoCharMikitty threesome, RikaMikiAya threesome, IidaGuchi, YukoKei, AbeGoto, MomoYuri, MaaYuri, YajiUme, MaaSaki and MiyaRii.

Anything else?: I'm trying to write a fic in English, but it's kinda hard... Well, ganbarimasu! And sorry for my sometimes bad English.
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first post.

Name: Cyndi
Age: 17
Location: New York
Favorite H!P member: Tanaka Reina
Ships: Reina x Risa, Reina x JunJun, Reina x Sayumi, JunJun x Sayumi
Anything else?: I dunno :D HI.

This was my first EVER yuri fic from a while back..(I edited the line about Risa's hair now though, since she cut it. ;A; ) and it's smut so... I'm sorry if it sucks. xD I just dug it up today, and decided to post it here.

Title: What Happens Behind Closed Doors
Pairing: TanaGaki (Reina x Risa)
Genre: Smut. Pure smut.
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: .. It's smut..so.. sex. Lesbian sex. Assault? xD

Reina entered the dressing room and heard the door slam shut behind her, the lock clicking. )