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RENAI REVOLUTION [entries|friends|calendar]
JPop Femslash

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Femslash roleplay! [30 Apr 2011|05:01am]

 First post!

Name: colorsofromance
Age: 19
Favorite H!P member: probably Eri Kamei
Ships: anything really, I love slash!
Anything else?: Mods, sorry if this ad isn't allowed here. Feel free to take it down if it's not!

I've been wanting to do a one on one j-pop female slash roleplay. I would LOVE to play Ayumi Hamasaki. The other person could be anybody, I'm very flexible with pairings. I'm open to Ayu being paired with any j-pop star or even any k-pop/c-pop star if that is what you fancy.

If anybody interested isn't quite sure what roleplaying is or would like a more detailed explanation I would be happy to provide that. Basically one person writes one character's actions/perspective, and the other person writes the other character's actions and perspective and it makes up a story.

As for more on me roleplaying: my role-plays are mature, characters are fleshed out, I loved brainstorming plots, I love longer replies (no one-liners or couple-liners!), and I like a lot of genres in my rolpelays. Drama, romance, horror, action, humor, angst, mystery, crime, you name it. I like to treat my roleplay like an epic saga.

I only roleplay over e-mail but I can chat/plan stuff over IM. If you're interested feel free to comment here or PM me! Thanks!
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[Prize]S/mileage Logo Tape [18 Oct 2010|07:37pm]


S/mileage Logo Tape

This cute soft pink tape features the S/mileage logo and is of usual tape-size.

It's the second chance!!
Enter here!

prize of the week

-October Week 3 contests+-
Deadline: October 24th
Announcement date: The 4th week of Novenber.
Lineup: MUCC , S/mileage , Harajuku Kawaii

1. MUCC American Syndrome Official T-shirt
2. S/mileage Logo Tape
3. Gothloli kei set Part.
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This community hasn't been updated in a while, so therefore... [13 Sep 2010|12:22am]

I come to you asking for requests! I don't know how great I'll do, and how many I'll actually be able to do, due to my schedule, but I want to give them a try~ Feel free to request a pairing with a prompt, or a story that you want done.
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fic: Rules (Yuko-centric) [08 Jul 2010|01:22am]

Title: Rules
Pairings: Yuko/Kei; Yuko/Yossie; Yuko/Mako; Yossy/Mako; Yuko/Mittsi; one-sided Mittsi/Yossy (and implied Yuko/most of the older girls)
Rating: I'm bad at this part, but let's call it PG-13.
Word Count: 779
Disclaimer: These are real people who have never, ever done anything like this ever, okay?

Link: Even though she considers them silly and arbitrary at times, Yuko has set rules for herself to follow and she takes them seriously.

(x-posted to upfrontfic)
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drabble request - this comm needs more love [22 Jun 2010|11:42pm]

Maybe you guys would like to help me get into the writing mood? XD I want to write some more but I don't really know what to write about and I found this cool little meme thing so I'm taking drabble requests at my journal here.

I have to warn you, I am in an angsty mood. XD So if anyone wants a little drabble please request one and I will do my best. I'll write any pairing.

x-posted to a diru yaoi community.
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[15 May 2010|04:47pm]

[ mood | wat ]

Name: Vickitty
Nick: Reinya 
Location: THE END OF DA WORLD, I mean, Argentina.

Favorite H!P Member: TAKAHASHI AI. Hitomi Yoshizawa, Niigaki Risa, Ai Kago, Miyabi Natsuyaki and Maimi Yajima.
Pairings: TAKAGAKI. TanaKame, IshiYoshi, AiSayu, ReinAi, KameShige, YajiUme, MiyaRii.
Anything else?: My english sucks TAT So it's hard for me to translate my fics >.< (plus: they suck :D) Oh and, I have a blog of fics in spanish, so I'll ask you if you let me translate a few *-*... Thanks! ♥

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My introduction! [08 May 2010|09:27pm]

[ mood | Happii~! ]

Name: Moon_in_love
Age: Enough, I think.
Location: Land of reindeers and alcohol.

Favorite H!P member: Junjun, Linlin, Mari, Kaori, Miki, Rika, Sayumi, Ai, Eri, Yurina and Risa.

Ships: Kanon S. x everybody else, TakaGaki, TakaKame, AiKoha, KohaEri, KohaYossie, KohaMiki, KohaJun, KohaLin, AiLin, SayuKoha, SayuJun, SayuLin, JunLin, JunAika, KameMitsu, GakiMitsu, TakaMitsu, TanaKame, ReiLin, CharMikitty, GAM, IshiYoshi, YoCharMikitty threesome, RikaMikiAya threesome, IidaGuchi, YukoKei, AbeGoto, MomoYuri, MaaYuri, YajiUme, MaaSaki and MiyaRii.

Anything else?: I'm trying to write a fic in English, but it's kinda hard... Well, ganbarimasu! And sorry for my sometimes bad English.

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[Ad] [13 Mar 2010|11:27am]

I think the people here should be interested in this.

Girl Slash A Day

On a whim, I decided to try making an a_day comm for all your real-person femmeslash needs and Airi and Maimi are gracing the first post ^^v Hope to see some of you around there. Brand new, so no proper layout or pretty pimping graphics yet :(

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Sayumi/Hitomi one-shot [11 Mar 2010|04:17am]

Title: Lost Bunny
Rating: G
Characters: Yoshizawa Hitomi, Michishige Sayumi
Pairing: Hitomi/Sayumi, sort of.
Warnings: Cavity causing amounts of fluff.
Summary: For you_speak_lies
Collapse )
I hope you like it you_speak_liesI’m sorry if it’s not what you were hoping for, I tried to adhere to your prompt~ please let me know what you think.
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first post. [16 Jan 2010|06:18pm]

Name: Cyndi
Age: 17
Location: New York
Favorite H!P member: Tanaka Reina
Ships: Reina x Risa, Reina x JunJun, Reina x Sayumi, JunJun x Sayumi
Anything else?: I dunno :D HI.

This was my first EVER yuri fic from a while back..(I edited the line about Risa's hair now though, since she cut it. ;A; ) and it's smut so... I'm sorry if it sucks. xD I just dug it up today, and decided to post it here.

Title: What Happens Behind Closed Doors
Pairing: TanaGaki (Reina x Risa)
Genre: Smut. Pure smut.
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: .. It's smut..so.. sex. Lesbian sex. Assault? xD

Reina entered the dressing room and heard the door slam shut behind her, the lock clicking. )
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[30 Sep 2009|09:19pm]

Title:The Guide Chapters 2-4
Author: Me
Pairing: Tanagaki
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Well, if you have been reading so far, you'd know.
Author's Notes: Since I've been neglecting this community, I decided to post all of what I had completed. It's a lot... Enjoy! :D

Collapse )
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More Perv [26 Aug 2009|03:15am]

Hello, me again. I see this community has been all but abandoned. Oh well.

Title: The Young Lover's Guide to Christening Your New Home. (Chapter 1: The Kitchen)
Author: Still me...
Pairing: TanaGaki
Rating NC-17
Summary: Two lovers move into a new home together? You know what that means, lot's of sex! Is actually better than it sounds....

Collapse )
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Perviness [21 Aug 2009|01:55pm]

Wow it's been so long since I posted here, I almost forget how. So, let's see...

Title: Pieces of You (Perv Edition)
Author: Me
Rating: NC-17
Pairing: TanaGaki (Rise/Reina duh)
Summary: It's just a little sex and maybe something more...

Collapse )
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I bring you crack pairing, and secks. [01 May 2009|07:10pm]

[ mood | naughty ]

Hi, I'm new here lol.
I got the idea for Aibon/Yossie for some reason, so I decided to write it. I haven't written fanfiction on a regular basis in years, so it's going to be a little confusing, but hopefully hot, rofl.
I don't think this pairing has been done before, but i like it.
If you know me over at jphip, you'll know how much I put myself down. ;)

Rating: R
Pairing: Kago Ai/Yoshizawa Hitomi
Warning: There's something seriously wrong with me. Also extremely OOC, but this is fanfiction after all, Aibon is based more on how I see her now instead of the cute kid she used to be, yeah.. ^^;
I suppose this has something to do with a lesbian club, something like that.

Collapse )

tee hee.

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[26 Apr 2009|10:06pm]


Title: One Night [One Week Epilogue]
Pairing: GakiKame (You can never get enough of these two)
Rating: NC-17
Warning: LONG 

 Collapse )
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My favorite pairing~~ [30 Jan 2009|07:18pm]

Hello, community~ Haha, I bring you a fic. *grins*

Title: Their First Time: TakaGaki Version
Pairing: TAKAGAKI!!! (need I say more?)
Rating: NC-17 (yup)

Collapse )
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[20 Jan 2009|08:57am]

Title: Four Steps Forward, Four Steps Back
Pairing: Ishiyoshi
Rating: PG
Note: I was planning to post this on new years, but I did not have internet access and then one thing led to another and then I just plain forgot.  Anyways, even thoughs its a little late, I hope you enjoy the story.
Collapse )

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Happy Belated B-day, Big Sister~~ [28 Dec 2008|11:12pm]

This fic is a birthday present for my Nee-chan aka big sister. I was talking about this pairing and she wanted a perv to come out of it so viola, we have fic time!!! Please excuse any errors~ (Nee-chan is my beta and I didn't want her to read it before it was done!)

Title: Her Touch
Pairing: FujiGaki (Fujimoto Miki/Niigaki Risa), mention of TakaGaki kataomoi (one-sided love)
Rating: NC-17
Note: This did NOT turn out the way I first anticipated. It's a lot more emotional and nice than it's original dirty/naughty idea. But I think it's better this way b/c it actually kind of has a plot. lol

Collapse )
I like this pairing~
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Changes ~ Still waters run deep [04 Nov 2008|06:45pm]


Minna-san, domo~~

It's about time to release something new, ne?

This is a "GakiKame talk" one-shot, written in Risa's POV. There's no perv scene this time, but there will be some interesting and also surprising secrets about Eri's love life revealed.

Have fun reading!


Title: Changes ~ Still waters run deep
Rating: R (since they're talking about sex)
Pairing: TanaKame (Eri/Reina), TakaGaki (Ai/Risa)
NOTE: Sorry for possible grammar/spelling mistakes


Collapse )</div>
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Finally~~ [04 Nov 2008|07:30am]


Hello all!! I've been working on this for a while and it's FINALLY done!!! But it's pretty rough b/c I don't use betas for perv. LOL

Title: Their First Time: TanaKame Version
Pairing: TanaKame.....
Rating: NC-17 (hehehe)

Collapse )
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