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Hello, me again. I see this community has been all but abandoned. Oh well.

Title: The Young Lover's Guide to Christening Your New Home. (Chapter 1: The Kitchen)
Author: Still me...
Pairing: TanaGaki
Rating NC-17
Summary: Two lovers move into a new home together? You know what that means, lot's of sex! Is actually better than it sounds....

The Young Lover's Guide to Christening Your New Home

Chapter 1: The Kitchen

Risa hummed gently as she chopped up some vegetables, intending to cook up a filling meal for when her tired lover came home from work. She was the perfect housewife, sporting a tiny pink apron as she did the household chores, cleaning, cooking and laundry. She just wanted to do her part to make her happy home run smoothly and having dinner on the table when her lover got home wasn't too much to ask, especially when the other girl asked so little from her.

Thinking about her lover made Risa smile, she tried so hard to make the chores easier on her, going out of her way to be extra neat and orderly, even though extreme cleanliness wasn't in her nature. Not that she was a slob normally, just that she wasn't known for her organization.

Just then, Risa heard the door open and shut, indicating that her lover was home from her day at work. "Ah, darling! You're home early." Risa leaned back to glimpse the foyer where she saw her tired lover neatly take off her shoes, she smiled at her thoughtfulness, "How was work?"

"Fine, busy." The other girl came into the kitchen and hugged Risa from behind gently, "I missed you though, so I decided to take off a little early today."

Risa felt herself flush happily, how sweet! She was brought back down to earth by a sharp pain in her finger, "Ouch!" She looked down at her bleeding finger, quickly sticking the wound in her mouth.

"Are you alright?" Her lover immediately leaned forward to get a better look, pressing Risa tight against the counter. "Let me see." Risa pulled her aching finger from her mouth and, pouting, held up her hand. It was encased in a gentle touch and Risa felt the pain melt away at her lover's concern. "It's not bleeding anymore, but maybe we should get a bandage on it anyway."

"No, I'm fine." Risa turned in her lover's arms and their fronts pressed together snugly, "I was just a little careless."

"Still." The other girl insisted, but Risa wouldn't have it. She just wanted to finish dinner. Not liking being denied, the girl took Risa's finger and placed it gently in her mouth, tongue running lightly over the wound and producing a gentle suction. Risa felt her head spin at the action and reached behind her with her free hand to clutch at the counter, releasing a quiet moan.

Realizing the effect she was having, her lover now sucked deliberately at the digit in her mouth, grasping Risa's wrist and caressing her pulse point. Those luscious lips parted erotically, a panting breath escaping and those lips were soon covered by another pair.

The two kissed passionately, tongues dueling and neither willing to give ground to the other. Risa clutched at the other girl's shoulders and felt her lover grasp her hips, pulling their pelvises together to grind slowly. A thigh slid between her leg, inching up her short skirt and ruffly apron and causing Risa to moan in anticipation. The other girl reached behind Risa and slid the cutting board into the sink, clearing the counter, and smoothly hoisted Risa up onto it, shoving her skirt up over her hips.

"Ha, you naughty girl." Risa blushed when her lover's gaze traveled between her thighs, "You're not wearing any underwear." The dripping, pink pussy was bared for the world to see, "I can see what you were thinking about while I was gone. I bet you were imagining me coming up behind you and fucking you senseless." Though blushing deeper now, the dirty words turned Risa on even more. "I guess I should grant your wish then?"

"Please." Risa begged, knowing it would send her lover into a frenzy, she pouted, tilting her head to look down at the other girl as innocently as she could manage, "Please fuck me."

She saw the other girl's eyes darken immediately with desire and she lost control, fairly diving between Risa's legs mouth first. Risa cried out at the unexpected attack, not anticipating that her lover would react so ferociously. That tongue was everywhere at once, dipping inside her to collect her juices, then circling her most sensitive spot, then dipping inside again, then flicking wildly over her clit and even licking her outer lips. The frenzied pace soon slowed once Risa was worked up enough that her hips were floating above the counter, all her weight supported on her lover's shoulders where her thighs rested.

The other girl began to gently push two fingers into Risa's slit, concentrating on drawing out the pleasure for as long as possible. She circled her tongue around and around the sensitive bundle of nerves at the top of Risa's opening, being careful not to actually touch it. The sweet and slow gestures soothed her from the brink of orgasm and she came down moaning and panting, feeling her muscles slowly tense in her abdomen.

Leaning her head back against the cabinet behind her, Risa thought she just might fall asleep for all the warm, gentle pleasure that was coursing through her body, but then she felt a tongue flick over her clit repeatedly until she was crying out again before the pleasure went back to soothing and so on for a long time. Eventually, no amount of slow could stop Risa's from coming back to orgasm and when her lover sensed this, she went back into a frenzy, pistoning three fingers into her dripping snatch so hard that Risa lifted off the counter with every thrust and until she was screaming so loud that both had the fleeting thought that they were going to disturb the neighbors.

Risa felt the pleasure rocket sharply up her spine and through her belly and started to chant out nonsensical words, calling out to the gods and pleading for release or salvation or more and more and more, just so long as it didn't stop. She was so close and  she felt a warm mouth close over her clit sucking gently, mindful of the high sensitivity that could almost cause pain. Then Risa came, screaming out her release to whoever was close enough to hear, arching her hips off the counter so hard that the force of her thighs on her lover's shoulders nearly sent the other girl to the ground. Her muscles clenched around still pumping fingers, shuddering and convulsing, sending her love juice flooding out and dripping down her lover's arm and the counter top.

After what seemed like an eternity, Risa finally came back to her senses, finding herself being tightly embraced by her lover, while still sitting on the messy counter. When she tried to speak, all that came out was a croak and Risa realized that she had screamed herself temporarily voiceless. She cleared her throat and tried again, but still, no sound came out. Figuring out the problem, her lover laughed and fixed her a glass of water.

"So I'm that good, huh?" Risa smacked her lightly on the head, gulping down the water.

"This isn't funny Tanakacchi, we have a performance tomorrow." Risa's voice was scratchy and she was worried, but she just couldn't stay mad at the younger girl.

"Oh come on. You know you liked this idea. I don't think I've ever seen you come so hard." Risa blushed at Reina's blunt words.

"Well, maybe, but I still think the apron's too much." Reina laughed again and helped her down of the counter, supporting her when her legs refused to hold her weight.

"No the apron is the perfect touch to a housewife." She glanced at the counter and made a face, "You made such a mess, we should clean it up before it dries."

"You clean it up, I'm going to go clean myself up." Risa looked down and realized that both her thighs were covered in sticky cum, "Uh, as soon as I can walk again."

Reina laughed again and the two lover's shared a sweet kiss, exchanging declarations of love and holding each other tightly.


Am I really doing this? Yes I am. And yes this is set in the same universe as Pieces, the timeline is just after they move into their apartment, and you know what that means? That means they have to break in every room by having hot steamy sex in it. I'm thinking maybe a total of seven chapters? One for every room I can think of.
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