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Title:The Guide Chapters 2-4
Author: Me
Pairing: Tanagaki
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Well, if you have been reading so far, you'd know.
Author's Notes: Since I've been neglecting this community, I decided to post all of what I had completed. It's a lot... Enjoy! :D

The Guide:

Chapter 2: Dinning Room

Risa smiled across the table at her Reina, dinner was finally made, with a joint effort, and another hunger was quickly being satisfied. After the display in the kitchen earlier Risa was feeling particularly famished, fairly wolfing down her food and not noticing Reina's eyes watching her intensely from over her own plate. If she had, she might not have been so surprised when the younger girl stood suddenly and materialized next to her.

They stood staring at each other for a moment before Reina reached out her arm and violently cleared the table, sending their dishes clattering to the floor and grabbing Risa's arm gently but firmly and pulling her up out of her chair to swiftly bend her over the table. Crying out in surprise, Risa could only comply as her skirt was shoved over her hips and her still bare bottom was exposed to the air.

“R-Reina!” the assaulted girl gasped out breathlessly, feeling her lover’s fingers stroke her soft lower lips. The gentleness surprised her and she felt her heart swell a little at Reina’s attention to her pleasure. The younger girl never ceased to amaze her; she moaned as she felt those digits slowly enter her, coaxing out her wetness and spreading it across her lips.

“Oh, mmm.” Risa purred, thrusting back onto those fingers. She couldn’t believe she was in this kind of position for the second time in as many hours. She wanted to return the favor, craving the taste of Reina’s own love juices, but she was playing the role of submissive housewife today. Tomorrow, though, she was definitely returning the favor.

Reina savored the feeling of Risa’s tight snatch squeezing her fingers; as if mesmerized, she pushed two more fingers inside, stretching her lover to the max. The older girl cried out loudly, reaching behind her to grab Reina’s unoccupied hand, grasping in time to every thrust. Loving the way Risa was reacting, Reina kept her pace steady, not increasing or decreasing her rhythm at all. The constant pressure that was pleasurable but just not quite enough quickly frustrated Risa and she wiggled her hips, trying to get more.

Smirking at the struggling ass in front of her, Reina placed her forearm across Risa’s back, leaning down to put her weight into the hold and keep the older girl from moving. She wanted to tease her lover, wanting to hear her beg; though she knew it was a little sadistic, nothing fired her up faster than seeing the usually independent and reliable girl reduced to a hot, steamy, pleading mess. Well, maybe not mess, if she ever upset her that bad, Reina might feel the only way to make things right would be ritual suicide and that was so five hundred years ago.

Realizing what she wanted, Risa, at first, didn’t give in. She loved a challenge just as much as the younger girl and the unspoken contest heightened both their enjoyment. Instead, she gave a high pitched moan and looked over her shoulder at Reina, catching her eyes. At once, the younger’s nostrils flared and those fingers inside Risa twitched as if they wanted to go crazy. Surprisingly though, Reina took a deep breath and continued at her slow pace, determined not to lose.

Smirking again, Reina quickly flicked her thumb across Risa clit, causing her lover to give a startled cry. “I thought you were supposed to cater to my whims today? Didn’t you agree?” The older girl gave a moan in response, “Well, the housewife was my whim today and you know what I like.”

Risa couldn’t help the small laugh that bubbled up from her throat, “Oh Reina, you’re so kinky sometimes. You know I don’t mind roleplaying for you, but you also know you would get bored with me if I made things easy for you.” She was surprise when the fingers inside her suddenly stopped.

“No I wouldn’t.” Reina stroked Risa’s hair tenderly, “Even if you did everything I asked, I’d never get bored of you. Even the easy days are interesting enough for me, just because you’re there.” The lovers shared a sweet kiss, “I love you.” Reina whispered against the older girl’s lips, immediately beginning to thrust into her again.

Before Risa could respond in kind, she was taken over by the intensity of her lover pistoning her digits inside her. All that came out of her mouth was a constant moan that occasionally changed pitch when Reina shifted her position or twisted her fingers or adjusted the angle of her thrusts. Soon, a second hand joined the first, focused solely on stimulating Risa’s clit.

Taking advantage of her lover’s open mouth, Reina leaned back down to seal their lips together in a kiss, their tongues battling languidly. Still being sensitive from their session in the kitchen and Reina’s teasing touches earlier, Risa quickly felt herself coming to the edge.

Reina flinched lightly when Risa’s sharp fingernails dug into her shoulders and the back of her neck, but the pain was dulled by her pleasure at hearing the older girl’s keening cry as she came hard. She opened her eyes to watch the expressions on her face, feeling a little smug that she was the one who got to see Risa like this, that she was the one Risa wanted to see her like this.

For a long time, Reina held the older girl while she came down, though the table was a little uncomfortable, neither wanted to move. Finally, a stitch in her ribs made Risa groan and both slowly stood up straight, stretching out various kinks and straightening their clothes. The ir shared a few more cuddles and kisses before Risa took notice of the state of the room.

“Tanakacchi!” Reina was startled by the scolding tone and turned wide eyes to her lover, “I know I agreed to play the housewife but there is no way I’m cleaning this mess up!”

Reina looked at the remains of their dinner scattered across the floor and smiled her most charming smile, “Ooops.”


Chapter 3: Foyer

Reina groaned at the sound of her alarm going off, hitting the snooze button violently and rolling over. She had a recording with the other rokkies at nine and did not want to get up. She lazily drifted off to sleep, mentally reminding herself to only sleep another ten minutes.

It seemed like only a few minutes later that her alarm went off again. Reina groaned again, lifting her head to glare blearily at the noise maker. She was just about to hit the snooze button again, figuring she could just do her make-up at the studio when her mind finally registered the time on the little device.

“8:50!” Reina shot up out of bed and bolted to her closest, briefly wondering why Risa didn’t come and wake her. She dressed in record time, tearing through her routine in a fury. On the way to the bathroom, she caught a glimpse of Risa in the kitchen, setting out breakfast calmly, and she threw her a frazzled good morning.

Risa started to say something to her, but Reina darted into the bathroom and lunged for her toothbrush before she could hear what was said. Frantically, Reina brushed her hair and teeth simultaneously, nearly spitting on her hand in her haste. She took a mouthful of water to wash the rest of the toothpaste out of her mouth and ran back for her purse and her phone, still swishing water.

She was vaguely aware of Risa watching her in amusement as she sped past, “Ah, Tanakacchi?” Reina mumbled through the water in her mouth and continued her whirlwind of activity. She spit out the water, grabbed her things and sped out the door before Risa could get in another word, kissing her on the cheek in passing and calling out her good bye.

She thought she heard her lover give an exasperated sigh as she left, but didn’t have time to think about it, instead pulling out her cell phone to call her manager and tell him she’d be late. Just as she’d started to scroll through her contacts for the number, her phone jingled, telling her that she’d received a text. She opened it with an annoyed sigh, it was probably from the other rokkies, wondering where she was.

‘STOP~~! Stop where you are!’

Your exasperated lover.
-Risa <3

Unconsciously, Reina froze in her tracks, just as another text tone sounded. She opened it quickly, wondering what was so urgent.

‘Silly Reina, check the clock on your phone.’

Wishing you would slow down for once.
-Risa <3 <3

Curiously, Reina did as the text said, clicking back to her main screen and looking at the clock in the bottom corner. 7:02am. Reina blinked at the phone for a minute, unable to comprehend what was going on. About that time, she got another text.

‘I set your clock forward two hours so you wouldn’t be late silly. :D Now, come back home.’

I’m waiting for you. ;D
-Risa <3 <3 <3

Reina started laughing, realizing that she must have looked pretty funny, running around like the was missing her head. Her lover was so thoughtful, that was only one of the reasons Reina loved her so much. With that thought in mind, she rushed back home to let Risa know exactly how she felt.

When she burst in the door, Risa was leaning against the wall with her arms crossed and a smirk on her face, “Welcome home, dear.” she said a little sarcastically, “Have a nice day at work?”

Reina laughed again, “I can’t believe you did that, why didn’t you tell me?” she was quickly becoming distracted by the booty shorts and tight tank top Risa was wearing, it was obvious through the thick material that she wasn‘t wearing a bra.

Oblivious to her lover’s rapidly changing mood, though she should be used to it by now, Risa crossed her arms and smirked, “I tried, but you wouldn’t hold still long enough for me to explain. Now, come over here and tell me how great I am.” She held her arms open invitingly and Reina wasted no time snuggling into them.

“You’re amazing.” She nibbled on Risa’s neck, eliciting a gasp, “You’re awesome.” Reina trailed kisses up to her ear, “I couldn’t get by without you.” The younger girl whispered before she gently sucked on the ear lobe. “I love you.” Reina finished sincerely, leaning forward to press their lips together. She paused just before they could connect and she gave Risa a wry look, “You make me mushy.”

The older girl’s laugh was muffled by Reina’s lips and the two sunk to their knees on the carpet in the foyer. Reina tried to lay Risa backwards, but the older girl resisted, “Wait, you always get to be on top first.” She pouted cutely.

“Not always.” Reina countered but had to admit she did usually take charge. She looked down at the ground behind her; the foyer was designed so that when you took off your shoes, you had to step up to cross into the main part of the house. Reina gently lowered herself so that she sat on the raised part where the hardwood floor started, her feet crossing Indian style, and pulling Risa into her lap, “Is this better?”

Shifting into a slightly more comfortable position, Risa noticed that she had a serious advantage, height wise, over her lover. She smirked, feeling a little superior, “Yeah.” She leaned down to continue the heated kiss. They thoroughly explored each other’s mouths, trading dominance and muffled sighs.

Risa jerked when gentle hands cupped her ass, squeezing and pulling her closer to Reina where her crotch rubbed against the younger girl’s chest just underneath her breasts. Risa reached between them to tug on her lover’s shirt, pulling it off her and discarding it behind them. Reina’s bra followed quickly and the older girl started to knead those small globes with both hands.

Reina moaned loudly into the kiss, head tilted all the way back and hair tickling her lower back. Risa pulled back from their lip lock to admire the sight, lifting her arms above her head when Reina began to raise her tank top. Feeling mischievous, Reina stopped before the shirt was completely off, trapping Risa’s hands above her head and blocking her eye sight with the thick material, leaving her nose and mouth free.

Being at the perfect angle, Reina flicked one of her lover’s nipples lightly with her tongue, eliciting a sharp gasp. “Tanakacchi, what are you doing?” Risa asked, beginning to struggle against her makeshift bonds.

“Oh, nothing.” Reina giggled innocently, placing a light kiss on the other nipple. Immediately, goose bumps appeared all over Risa’s torso and her nipples got rock hard. Liking this game, Reina next gently nipped the side of her lover’s left breast.

Gasping again, Risa couldn’t stop her hips from jerking, rubbing her hot core against Reina’s chest. The younger girl was amazed at the wetness that had already soaked through her underwear and the tiny shorts, she knew Risa wasn’t that sensitive so she could only guess that it was the feeling of being helpless that turned her on so bad. She had to admit that having this kind of power over the older girl made her hot to no end, she rubbed her thighs together absently, knowing that she was going to be soaked through her pants after this.

Using her free hand, Reina gently traced a line from the underside of Risa’s breast, across her ribs and then down to her hip. The older girl shuddered, a moan choking off in her throat. Reina drew circles with her tongue, first on her right nipple, then on her lower rib and then bent her head as low as she could to flick Risa’s belly button. The older girl sucked in a breath, then let it out with a high pitched sound.

Reina combined her hand and her tongue, tracing the dips and sensitive curves of Risa’s ribs, sides and hips with her fingertips and drawing circles and lines on her breasts and flat belly. She never lingered in one place too long, though she did continuously make note of the most sensitive spots to come back to later. Risa’s hips were ticklish if she put too much pressure on them, so Reina tried to avoid doing that. On the other hand, though, the older girl responded positively to harder scratches and bites to the soft underside of her breasts.

She continued to tease Risa, gently caressing her torso one minute and then biting almost hard enough to bruise the next. Above her, the older girl’s panting and moaning encouraged her to torture her like this. If Risa skipped a breath, Reina knew she was biting too hard, but if she sucked in Reina knew she was getting wetter.

Finally, Risa couldn’t take it anymore, grinding against the younger girl’s chest just wasn’t giving her the friction she needed, “Please, Reina.” she felt her lover’s jaw twitch at the breathless tone she used, “Please touch me.” Instantly, Reina’s free hand changed course, dipping underneath the waistband of her booty shorts, and her mouth latched onto one of Risa’s breasts, tongue flicking rhythmically against her nipple.

Those skilled fingers quickly dove into warm, wet depths and Risa bucked at the feeling of two of them entering her, Reina’s palm pressing hard against her responsive clit. Both girls silently agreed that the teasing had gone on long enough and Reina worked her hand swiftly, adding a third finger to the mix and continually grinding against Risa’s clit.

Risa twisted her shoulders suddenly and the tank top popped free from her upper body, leaving Risa able to bring her aching arms down to wrap around Reina’s back. She threw her head back and pumped her hips in time to her lover’s thrusts, clenching her nails into the skin at her fingertips and pulling Reina’s head closer to her breasts.

Crying out to the ceiling, Risa raked her nails across Reina’s shoulders as she came. The younger girl stilled her hand, feeling liquid fire rush from the scratches on her back and straight to her already sopping pussy. Watching her lover in ecstasy, Reina dipped her free hand to between her legs and tried desperately to apply pressure to her own need. Risa happened to look down and notice this, settling backwards to get a better angle to replace Reina’s hand.

Though this angle crushed the younger girl’s palm painfully against Risa’s over sensitized clit, she quickly slipped her hand into Reina’s pants. It was a tight fit but soon, Risa was mimicking her lover’s position, thrusting three fingers into her soaked opening. Reina moaned desperately, unconsciously beginning to move her fingers inside Risa again.

Risa answered her moan with one of her own, though she had just cum, she felt like she was ready to again. They wrapped their free arms around each other, pushing their lips together in a frantic kiss, grinding their hips together and getting closer to release. Their groans and cries were muffled, but getting louder with each passing second. Suddenly, Risa accidentally bit down onto Reina’s bottom lip, triggering her orgasm. Her frantic bucking and sexy moans set Risa off onto her second explosion and the lovers held each other tightly as the convulsed around each others fingers.

When they came back down to earth, the girls realized they were laying down on the floor, hands still in each others pants. Neither wanted to move just yet so they lay there for a while, Risa on top of Reina, letting out contented sighs.

“I love you Reina.” Risa said when she finally got her breath back, only to have it stolen again when her lover kissed her passionately in response to her declaration.

“I love you too.” Reina finally confirmed verbally when they parted. Slowly, they extracted their hands, shaking out the numbness and cramps and trying unsuccessfully to lick them clean.

Reina sat up a little and looked down at the huge, dark wet spot on her crotch and the veritable puddle she was laying in. “We’re always so messy.” she commented wryly, starting to strip off her soaked pants.

“Well, maybe if we did it on a bed for once it wouldn’t be so bad.” Risa stood shakily, pushing off her bottoms.

“If we did that, I wouldn’t have an excuse to watch you walk around the house naked.” the younger girl replied smartly, causing her lover to roll her eyes, “By the way, what time is it.”

Risa glanced around for Reina’s discarded cell phone and flipped it open when she’d rescued it from the floor. Her eyes widened in alarm, “Uh-oh.”


Chapter 4: Bathroom

Reina burst through the front door in her excitement, quickly kicking off her shoes, “Risa! I’m home and guess what I got today?” She paused, noticing the second pair of shoes laying neatly next to her lover’s sandals. They had a guest? Reina was a little disappointed, that meant she couldn’t share her new toy with Risa and she was already wearing it.

Pulling her large bag in front of the slight but noticeable bulge in her pants, Reina made her way into the house, looking about cautiously for their visitor. In the dinning room at the table sat a calm Ai, slowly sipping tea from a small cup. Reina couldn’t help but laugh, thinking about what had happened on that table last week.

Ai looked confused at her merriment, “Uh, hi.” Reina shuffled into the room, still grinning and holding her bag in front of herself.

“Hey Ai-chan, where’s Risa?” Reina could see that the older girl was surprised by her use of the other gokkie’s first name, even though she obviously knew they were together.

“She just went to the bathroom real quick. She should be back in a second.” Reina felt a naughty idea forming in her mind and her fading grin suddenly renewed.

“I’ll be right back.” She told the still confused Ai, and then headed to the bathroom. As she got to the door, she dropped her bag outside near the wall and waited, inside she could hear water running in the sink and prepared herself for her ambush.

When the door began to open, Reina pounced, shoving Risa back into the bathroom and pinning her arms to her sides. The older girl let out a scream and struggled against her captor, even when Reina leaned in to claim her lips. Risa eventually responded, kissing back passionately in an involuntary reaction to her lover.

When they finally pulled apart, Risa was supporting herself on the wall she was pressed against and struggling to find her breath, “Welcome home.” she murmured, and then her eyes widened, “What is that?!” she pushed Reina away from her far enough to look down her body at the bulge in her pants.

“Oh, that’s what I bought after work today. By the way, I know she’s your best friend, but I really wish you would have at least told me Ai was coming over today. You know I don’t like just inviting people over to my home, even if it is our home now. It’s like an invasion of privacy or something.” Reina lectured, shaking her finger playfully and smiling to soften the harshness of her tone.

“Uh, I’ll remember that for next time, but it was unusually spur of the moment and I didn’t want to risk her changing her mind on me again. Now, really, what is in your pants?” Risa reached down to give the tent a poke, finding it very resistant.

“Again?” Reina asked, skipping over her lover’s true concern deliberately.

Risa rolled her eyes, noticing the ploy, “Yes, ‘again.’ We’ve been trying to get together and do something for weeks now, but for some reason she kept cancelling at the last moment. I told her if she did it one more time I was going to beat her over the head with something.” Reina paused to imagine the likelihood of Risa beating anybody over the head, much less Ai whom she would always give just a bit more benefit of doubt than anyone else she knew. “Now, what did you buy?”

Reina was still stuck on her girl’s previous feelings for the woman in the next room over and felt a surge of jealously run through her body. Then she snapped back into focus, “How about I just show you?” she suggested, diving forward to kiss Risa again. The older girl struggled a little at first, but soon gave in to her body’s growing heat. Today, Reina didn’t feel like much foreplay, so she made quick work of her lover’s clothes.

Before she knew it, Risa was pinned against the bathroom wall, completely naked. She tried to protest, but Reina wouldn’t allow their kiss to break for long. Fueled by her buried jealousy of Ai, Reina scratched her nail down Risa’s sides just hard enough to break skin but not draw blood. The older girl yelped loudly into her mouth, resuming her struggles, but Reina used her position to her advantage, leaning her full weight into her lover to keep her still.

As if in apology, Reina caressed Risa’s sides lightly over and over again until she started shivering in pleasure. Finally deciding that she was going to test out her new toy, the younger girl swiftly unbuttoned her pants and pushed them to below her knees. Startled, Risa bit down on Reina’s tongue when the seven inch purple phallic shaped piece of plastic poked her in her stomach. In pain, the younger girl finally broke their kiss and brought her hands to her mouth, allowing Risa a second to look down between them.

“Tanakacchi? What are you going to do with this thing?” Risa asked cautiously, noticing a strange look in her lover’s eyes.

Wordlessly, Reina reached for a small jar of Vaseline and began to apply a generous amount to her price-tagged penis. Risa felt a slight fear and definite excitement well up low in her belly, placing her hands on Reina’s shoulders in preparation. No matter that the younger girl was acting a little strange with Ai being there, Risa knew that she would never intentionally seriously hurt her.

They kissed again, this time more tenderly as Reina bent down a little to position the strap-on against her lover’s soaking womanhood. She rubbed against the wetness for a second to make sure it was lubed up enough but thrusting hard all the way inside her. Risa let out a loud cry, throwing her head back and nearly braining herself on the wall. Reina reached one hand up to cup the back of her head as she began to thrust into her at a quick pace, bringing Risa to rest against her shoulder with her arms wrapping around Reina’s neck.

Risa snuggled into her neck, panting and moaning loudly and even giving loud cries and shouts when her lover hit just the right spot. She seemed to have forgotten about their guest, but Reina hadn’t and she smirked, knowing Ai could hear what they were doing and hoping she was listening. Still feeling a little jealous, Reina sunk her teeth into Risa’s soft neck, leaving clear teeth marks that began to darken instantly.

“Ow!” Risa cried out, clapping a hand to her throat and giving Reina a scandalized look. The younger girl had to laugh, thrusting extra hard, “Reina!” Risa tried to scold but her tone ended up sounding almost breathless instead.

“Sorry.” Reina kissed the wound lightly, licking and sucking to hopefully distill the pain. It must have worked because Risa began moaning in earnest, bringing her legs up to wrap around Reina’s waist. The younger girl had to shift and press harder towards the wall to keep from dropping Risa with the added weight that she was just unaccustomed to carrying.

Reina began to moan quietly, feeling the other end of the strap-on with it’s clit stimulator doing it’s job. Deciding to finish her lover off quickly, Reina reached for a button on the side of the harness, clicking on the toy’s vibrating function. Her knees almost buckled when the end that was buried in her own pussy started moving within her and Risa started crying out into her neck. Reina had no idea that both ends vibrated!

Feeling her pleasure building exponentially, Reina pounded into her lover harder, her goal was to make Risa come twice this session. Soon enough, her lover let out a short scream and Reina felt warm wetness squirt against her pelvis, as well as Risa squeezing her with her legs. Reina kept pounding away, moaning at the sight of her girlfriend lost in pleasure, eyes closed and head thrown back. That expression was what she wanted to see and she felt herself getting closer to her own release. Risa finally relaxed, but Reina held her legs around her waist, pushing Risa’s knees closer to her chest in order to fuck her from a different angle.

The older girl seemed to realize that Reina wasn’t going to stop and she tried weakly to push her away, but Reina was able to resist easily. In no time, the over sensitized Risa was crying out again in a higher pitch than before with Reina meeting her sound for sound. Risa’s hips unconsciously thrust against Reina, keeping up their timeless rhythm, until Reina let out on last loud cry and bucked wildly against her lover.

When she came down, though, she still kept thrusting into Risa even though it caused her a little discomfort. They kissed sweetly while Reina concentrated on bringing her lover to another orgasm. Between the vibrating, the thrusting and her over sensitivity, Risa soon came again, unable to make any sounds in her intense pleasure.

Reina quickly switched off the strap-on and stopped moving, watching Risa’s facial expression with a sense of awe that she always held when she regarded the older girl in the throes of orgasm. After a long, silent moment, Risa relaxed for a second time and Reina let her stand on her own two feet again, which refused to hold her weight so the older girl just slid down the wall to sit in a heap on the carpeted floor. Reina shook her head in slight amusement, working to rid herself of her store bought appendage.

When she had released herself from the contraption, she leaned down to kiss her lover on the forehead, deciding to let her recover in peace. She cleaned herself off, dropped the toy in the sink to be washed later and fixed her clothes. Then she headed out with a smirk to deal with their guest.

Stealthily, Reina rounded the corner the would give her sight of the dinning room and froze at the sight ahead of her. Ai sat hunched over the table with her head resting on the surface, tea forgotten to the side. From her vantage point, Reina could see that she had one hand shoved up her skirt and was rubbing herself frantically. The younger girl was stunned for a moment, she couldn’t believe she was watching her leader masturbate right in front of her!

Slowly, so as to not draw attention to herself, Reina backed around the corner and cautiously peeked at Ai from her hidden spot. She guessed the older girl had heard them, but she didn’t think it would have had this much of an impact! Now that her surprise was wearing off, Reina felt a smirk spread across her lips. She would never outright blackmail the woman that she respected, even if she had once unknowingly captured Risa’s heart, but that wouldn’t stopped her from subtly teasing her forever.

“Ai-chan!” she called out, rounding the corner loudly this time, watching her leader jump and jerk upright, placing her hands around the cup of tea she’d neglected. Ai’s face flushed darkly and Reina gave her a knowing look, causing the blush to deepen. “Sorry about that.” Reina said flippantly and Ai’s eyes widened.

“Oh, it’s no problem.” the older girl answered nervously, turning the cup around in her hand. About that time, Risa stalked into the room, sporting a very noticeable bite mark peeking out of the collar of her t-shirt. The sight of it caused Ai to choke quietly.

“Was that really necessary?” Risa glowed at her grinning girlfriend.

“Absolutely.” Reina answered cheerfully, delighting in the huff the Risa let out.

“You’re absolutely unromantic sometimes.” Risa scolded and something in her tone wiped the smirk off Reina’s face.

Ai stood suddenly, “I have to go!” she nearly shouted, gaining confused looks from her bandmates. She spun around to dart into the foyer to get her shoes and Reina noticed something on her skirt that made her give chase.

“Ai-chan!” she called, grabbing the older girl’s arm before she could escape. When the leader turned to her, giving her a look that was a cross between questioning and frightened, Reina grabbed one of her hoodies that was hanging in the wall. She easily tied it around her friend’s waist so that the majority of the fabric covered her butt, “You have a, erm, wet spot on the back of your skirt.” Reina couldn’t keep the laughter out of her voice at the expression that came over Ai’s face. Finally, the older girl fled, not even acknowledging Reina’s amused good bye and Risa’s confused reminder about their schedule tomorrow.

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