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Sayumi/Hitomi one-shot

Title: Lost Bunny
Rating: G
Characters: Yoshizawa Hitomi, Michishige Sayumi
Pairing: Hitomi/Sayumi, sort of.
Warnings: Cavity causing amounts of fluff.
Summary: For you_speak_lies

“Mou…Maybe I shoulda listened to my guards and not wandered into the woods alone…” Princess Sayumi continued to trudge through the forested grounds around her castle regardless of her sudden apprehension that she was, quite assuredly, lost. It had been hours since she had first entered the woods, she was sure of it. Her ankles hurt so badly, her delicate silk houseslippers were not designed for treading through bushes and over rocks and dirt.

“Oooh my feet hurt so baad~and my hair is all tangled and my dress is all dirty and I am definitely too cute to be this grungy!” She kicked a nearby tree suddenly, and squealed when a wave of pain shot up her leg from the impact.

“Ow ow ow!” Frustrated, the pitiful, but still cute, thirteen year old princess sat down by the trunk of the tree, leaning her head back against the trunk as she sighed, “I guess I should just head home, I really can’t do anything without someone following me around and helping me.” Sayumi pouted as she closed her eyes, “How will I ever rule my kingdom if I cannot even take a walk around my home without getting lost?” The pale princess relaxed more as she listened to the sounds of the birds around her, letting all of her worries slip away…

“Psst! Princess!” She must’ve been imagining things right? No she was dreaming, she must’ve fallen asleep, no one could’ve found her so quickly; “Hey Bunny Princess! Wake up there is a snake on you!” Sayumi’s eyes shot open suddenly as her body tensed, her eyes darting down to her body as she saw, indeed, a black and red snake laying innocently in her lap.
She quickly looked up at the person who woke her up, seeing an older girl before her with short brown hair and lively eyes that were widened with fear as she watched the snake, “Just stay calm Princess, he’s poisionous, so don’t move and I’ll get him away okay?” Tears welled up in the delicate girl’s eyes as she watched her rescuer’s hand shoot out as quick as lightening and grasp the snake at the back of the head, suddenly flinging it far away.

In the same instant Sayumi flung herself into the other girl’s shocked embrace, knocking them both over as she started crying, “Thank you so much! You saved me! I definitely would’ve died if you had not snatched the snake away!” Her rescuer laughed awkwardly as she patted Sayumi’s back, “I don’t think you would’ve died Princess but it wasn’t a problem at all.” Sayumi’s tears had quieted to a few sniffles as she nestled her head in the crook of the other girl’s shoulder, “Um, I’m Hitomi, and uh, I heard you before you dozed off you know and I was thinking—“ She stopped talking as Sayumi’s head lifted and she peered into Hitomi’s eyes, “You heard me? I’m so embarrassed! I really didn’t…” Hitomi suddenly hit her on the side of the head gently, “Shush little bunny. I was just about to tell you that no one rules the kingdom alone. Everyone has to lean on other’s sometimes you know. Like just now, it’s a good thing you were calm or we really would’ve had a problem. So um, don’t be so worried okay?” Hitomi smiled at her, seeming awkward with thew hole situation but confident in what she said.

Almost as soon as she said it Sayumi had stood up, a wide grin on her face as she held out her hand to a stunned Hitomi, “You made me feel so much better Hitomi! You are definitely the Prince that I’ll be with when I grow up! You’re the best Prince I ever met!” Hitomi stood up without taking the Princess’ hand, a confused look on her face, “Um Milady Sayumi, I’m flattered really, but um, I can’t be a Prince…Prince’s are guys, I’m a girl.” Her explanation was obviously in vain as Sayumi grinned, taking Hitomi’s hand forcibly, “Don’t be silly. I’m royalty, so I can make you a Prince. It’s definitely destiny. Come along, mother will be so pleased!”

As Hitomi was hopelessly tugged back to the castle(where had that silly bunny gotten a sense of direction all of a sudden?), she couldn’t help but think with dismay ’I really don’t think this is going to end as well as she thinks…’

I hope you like it you_speak_liesI’m sorry if it’s not what you were hoping for, I tried to adhere to your prompt~ please let me know what you think.
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