Moon In Love (mooninlove) wrote in renairev,
Moon In Love

My introduction!

Name: Moon_in_love
Age: Enough, I think.
Location: Land of reindeers and alcohol.

Favorite H!P member: Junjun, Linlin, Mari, Kaori, Miki, Rika, Sayumi, Ai, Eri, Yurina and Risa.

Ships: Kanon S. x everybody else, TakaGaki, TakaKame, AiKoha, KohaEri, KohaYossie, KohaMiki, KohaJun, KohaLin, AiLin, SayuKoha, SayuJun, SayuLin, JunLin, JunAika, KameMitsu, GakiMitsu, TakaMitsu, TanaKame, ReiLin, CharMikitty, GAM, IshiYoshi, YoCharMikitty threesome, RikaMikiAya threesome, IidaGuchi, YukoKei, AbeGoto, MomoYuri, MaaYuri, YajiUme, MaaSaki and MiyaRii.

Anything else?: I'm trying to write a fic in English, but it's kinda hard... Well, ganbarimasu! And sorry for my sometimes bad English.
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